Costa Rica


Welcome, my name is Christian Corti, I am a freelance programmer and this site is about some of my personal projects.

I will post examples and documentation about FLOD, FSID, Flectrum and some new intro from time to time so keep coming back to see what is new.

This site requires a modern browser with support for ES2015, latest versions of the most common browsers are supported both on desktop and mobiles.

vAmiga 0.9

Webassembly port of the Amiga emulator vAmiga by Dirk Hoffmann; requires a recent version of Chrome/Edge or Firefox.

Now you can play your favourite Amiga games online, still in beta but have fun with it.


VirtualC64 0.7

Webassembly port of the Commodore 64 emulator VirtualC64 by Dirk Hoffmann requires a recent version of Chrome/Edge or Firefox.

Enjoy classic games for the C=64 or just watch some old skool intros, still in beta.


Future Composer Redux 1.6

Web remake of the classic Amiga music tracker Future Composer written by Supersero of The Superions.

Future Composer

FLOD 7.0

Try out the latest version of this multi-format Amiga music player with a huge modules library ready for you. Works on desktop and mobile browsers.


FSID 1.1

A new SID player based on JSIDPlay, the HVSC collection is available online to play. All desktop browsers (Edge 16+ required), a bit heavy for mobiles but you can try.


Flectrum 1.1

A spectrum analyser with many options that can be used by any program using the Web Audio API. Check out the demo to see what it can do.



Remakes of classic Amiga and Commodore 64 intros with javascript and canvas or web-gl.


Manic Miner

A faithful remake of the classic game for the ZX Spectrum done with javascript and web-gl. Playable on desktop (supports gamepad) and mobiles.

Manic Miner